Artist Insight- Ramin Jamalpour

In my new works of art, for the very first time, I invented and introduced a unique combination of painting and pottery on canvas, which gives an extraordinary and yet natural 3D visual feature to it, and turns it to a live piece of art. This is a whole new way of creating artwork on canvas and a very unique method.

I have always been seeking unexpected subjects, but with my own view point and with my own expression. My works are not merely produced by nature. They don’t exist in nature, but they are not in existence, either. They are neither “being” nor “not being” but “views”. In other words, they maybe shade of what is happening in the tangible world. I have always wanted to create a relative peace for people, that is what we all need more and more in this machine age. For this reason, I always try to create an effective artistic communication, in addition to realizing composition, perspective, coloring and other required techniques, in order to be acceptable for Conscience of people.



To describe briefly my works, I should mention that this collection has been arranged based on Iranian symbols (In carpets and rugs, architecture, illumination and tasheer), light and its aureoles. As we might know light is considered as a symbol of Mithraism. Before Zoroaster, Iranian worshipped a God with the nature of light as the main divinity or Goddess of kindness which was later named as Mithra. Mithra was converted to kindness which was again contemplated as the God of sun and light. It is obvious that there is no reality in the world more conspicuous and evident than light. It is because of this reason that certain grand Iranian philosophers and intellectuals such as Sohrevardi don’t consider existence but light. They believe that all the creatures in the world are created from light and lights shine to each other which Sohrevardi called it Ishraq (intuition). As his philosophy is the philosophy of ancient Iran, it can be concluded that wisdom of Khosravani (majestic) is the wisdom of light.

By referring to this summary, I created my works based on light rays and Iranian art symbols which are related to the wisdom and philosophy of ancient and the art of this land respectively. It is deemed as a modern method in today’s painting using different Iranian symbols and putting tradition and modernity together.

Critic Reviews

“Ramin Jamalpour’s painting works could be described as a visual story of a mystical solitude, with luminous and deep scopes; on a carrier of feeling and thought in the infinite boundary of everything left from the cultural symbols of ancient era; specificity of mysticism of this land; relying on “Ishraq” ( illumination) philosophy of Sohrevardi. These works are mostly made in abstract domain with a combination of realism; using fabricated materials. It seems that the artist intends to acquire a purity in which form he could express his inner states. It should be acknowledged that there is a special solitude and silence in Ramin Jamal Pour’s works transforming them to a kind of “Visual Conjuration”.”

“Ramin Jamalpour has dedicated his life to expanding his gallery. With gallery showcases from Tehran To Vancouver. From The FAJR Music Festival to The Orpheum Theater. His art knows no boundaries. Not in location nor medium. A true renaissance man.”