composer on piano wearing suit
Ramin Jamalpour

Ramin Jamalpour, Musician and Painter

Musician and artist Ramin Jamalpour, was to the manner born. Born into an esteemed artistic family, he grew up during the historic art scene of 1970’s Tehran.

His father, Master Abbas Jamalpour, was one of the great Persian miniaturists, and his mother, a cultured designer. As a result, Ramin learned early in life the true value of art. At age five, he began learning music under his father’s guidance, as well as simultaneously completing Orff classes. By age eight, he began learning piano with the great Mr. Khaledi. By age ten, he began studying classical piano with the great Ms. Parvin Khorsandian and continued to do so for over ten more years. Along the way, he broadened his musical acumen by studying music theory under the guidance of Mr. Pourtorab, and music harmony under Dr. Sharifian. Still only in his teens, he had arrived as a seasoned artist.

Ramin’s Professional Career

Ramin’s professional career began to blossom with his composition of music and creation of traditional paintings. In addition, he entered university where he received a Bachelor’s of Arts in 1993. Graduating with honors in painting, as a result of showcasing his talents. Ramin began his maturation as a musician through local piano recitals. In 1989, He was broadcast on German network television. In 1990, he had recitals performed at the prestigious Austrian Cultural Center. Simultaneously, he was studying and working in Tehran at the national radio and television college. In 1992, He composed his first original pieces many of which were displayed at the national Iranian art university.

oil painting of people playing jazz
Jazz Piano Trio, Ramin Jamalpour

Ramin’s Accolades

Artist and musician, Ramin Jamalpour has received top honors through several highly touted festivals such as The FAJR Music Festivals. As a result, he has performed with the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra Choir beginning in 1993. Similarly, He has played as a pianist on radio and television choirs for more than five years. That same year, he completed composing several detailed courses in Armenia. He has had the pleasure of becoming the Tehran Symphonic Orchestra Choir conductor. Followed by becoming a conductor at the Iranian Music center in 1999. In 2001, he traveled to Ottawa to perform a concert at the Armenian Embassy. Seeing the limiting factors that came with remaining solely an Iranian artist, Ramin moved to Vancouver to pursue his craft within the Canadian art scene. He composed several pieces for piano & tar; In piano solos, with vocals, and with violin. To this day he has played his master pieces in many acclaimed sold out concerts.

He learned oil painting under Master Morteza Katouzian and Professor Sergey Aghajanian, who are one of the most famous oil painters in Iran. He continued his university education with Dr. Javad Hamidi and Dr. Habibollah Ayatollahi. Following that, he participated in several acclaimed individual and group exhibitions. He has had five watercolor exhibitions in Vancouver, one exhibition in Toronto, and countless exhibitions in Tehran. On top of all that, he has had a total of 9 post cards published of his watercolor paintings. A true artist, through and through.

Ramin’s Education :

Bachelor of Arts with honors in painting, Azad University, 1993.

Member of jury for painting competition in Bushehr, 2000.

ARCT Diploma in Piano Performance (first class honors) from Royal Conservatory of Music, 2010.

Ramin’s Exhibitions :

Notable Oil Works

Ferry Bilding Gallery, West Vancouver , 2006.

Atbin Gallery, Tehran , 2008.

Seyhoun Gallery, Los Angeles , 2012.

Atashzad Gallery, Tehran, 2016.

Global Harmony 2009-2019.

Notable Watercolor Works

“Sabz”, 1993.

“Barge”, 1994.

“Sabz”, 1996.

“Ferdos”, 2001.

“MirEmad”, Toronto, 2002.

“Artpars”, Vancouver, 2003.