rose pedals on wooden piano

Global Harmony Academy

Global Harmony Academy is a North Vancouver based academy of music and the arts. It is where art students cultivate their creativity in Music, Voice, Painting, Drawing, Art & Design. As a center for arts education, we believe that art is powerful. Powerful enough to change kids’ lives in incredible ways. When young people connect with the arts, they gain self-confidence, develop discipline, and discover creative expression. These are invaluable qualities they carry with them for life. That is why our reach extends to more than 90 students each year.

The founders, main artists, and instructors in this academy are Ramin Jamalpour, and Talin Ohanian.

Our Vision

A better world where all young lives are inspired to pursue a lifelong journey towards self-expression, compassion, and humanity. The arts allow us all to come together. They remove the lines of division amongst us and allow us to be together in harmony.

Our Mission

To be the center in arts education for young people, to build community and deliver profound life changing experiences through our commitment to innovation, excellence, and inclusivity. At the heart of what we do, we inspire people to live creative, authentic, and courageous lives. That is our goal. Furthermore, creating an environment where artists pass down their knowledge and skills to the children of tomorrow. As a result, Making the world a better place.