Violin on open music book

After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.

– Aldous Huxley


Badeye Mastaneh, performed at Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver by Vancouver Opera Orchestra with Bach choir, conducted by Leslie Dala, 2019.
Performed by Lions Gate Sinfonia with Clyde Mitchell, Music Director at Centennial Theatre, 2019.
Kay Meek Centre, 2016-2018.
Tribute to Mrs. Pari Zangeneh for International Women`s Day Celebration, 2016.
Shadbolt Centre, 2014.
Vancouver Academy of Music, 2013.
Classical and Neapolitan songs with Talin Ohanian (Soprano), LA, 2012.
Opera Arias with Talin Ohanian (Soprano), Vancouver, 2008.
Centennial Theatre, Vancouver, 2006.
Vancouver Academy of Music, 2006.
St. Catherine’s Church, 2004.
Armenian Embassy, 2002.
Neapolitan pieces for orchestra, 2000.
Iranian composers for choir, 1999.
FAJR music festival, 1999-2000.
Since 1996 to 2000, he completed composing & conducting courses under Pro. Aghajanian, Altounian & Moradian in Armenia.
Works by Iranian, classical and modern composers for choir, 1996-1999.
“Carmina Burana” and “Prince Igor” in the Vahdat Concert Hall, 1996.
Works by Brahms, Grieg, Ravel, and other composers with the Iranian Music Centre Choir.
Received top honors in the 11th FAJR music festival, 1996.
Mozart’s Requiem, 1995.
Works ranging from Baroque to Romantic with Mr. Zahiraldini on cello, 1992.
Original pieces in the Art university, 1992.
Radio and Television college, 1991.
Austrian cultural office, Tehran 1990.
Recorded and broadcasted on German network television, 1989.

Work History

Recorded 18 Neapolitan and opera Arias with R. Vatandoust in 2006.
Had a master class for piano teachers in school of Art and Literature in Tehran 2006.
Choir conductor of the Iranian Music Centre, 1999.
Choir and orchestra of Iranian Radio and Television, 1997.
Tehran Symphonic Orchestra, 1995.
Iranian Music Centre Orchestra, 1993.


Sonata for violin, cello and flute, performed in Armenia.

Fantasy and cadenza for violin, performed by professor Victor Khachaturian in Armenia.

“Kereshme Deldar”, piece for Iranian instruments and strings, performed in Iran.

Saraye sokout – Bayazid Bastami Poem, Ramin Jamalpour Composer, Talin Ohanian Soprano.

“Saze Eshghe“, piano piece in four movements based on four original paintings, performed in the art university.
“Sad Waltz”, piece for strings.
Fantasy for violin and orchestra.
Fantasy for flute and piano.
Caprice for cello and piano.
Prelude and fugue for flute and flageolet.
Composed pieces based on Spanish themes for choir accompanied with guitar, flute, violin and piano.
Transcribed Neapolitan pieces for choir.
Transcribed traditional themes for wind instruments.
More than 20 works for piano including two, three and four voiced fugues, inventions, etudes, preludes, romances and sonatine Listen.
5 Pieces for piano & tar.
Khamoush shavid ey Agelan ,Vocal poem symphonic Lyric by: “Molavi”
Arenged some Folk Songs for Vocal & Piano.

“Badeh Hagh“, piece for choir based on a poem by Hafiz. Performed in Vahdat concert hall.