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The Impact of Art on Academic Achievement

The arts’ place in the complex fabric of education has sometimes been underappreciated and consigned to extracurricular activities. Nonetheless, a growing corpus of studies and the firsthand accounts of students at Global Harmony Academy (GHA) highlight a strong link between academic success and arts instruction. Here, we examine the strong link between academic achievement and …


GHA’s Musical Journey to Well-Being

Music has a function in life’s dynamic symphony that goes much beyond simple aural enjoyment. It strikes a deep chord with our spirits, affecting memory, emotion, and—possibly most importantly—mental health. At Global Harmony Academy (GHA), we are committed to using music’s healing potential as a powerful catalyst for holistic health, not merely as an artistic …


Embracing Unity Through Art

Art has always been a uniting factor in the ever-changing fabric of human existence, bridging social, linguistic, and cultural divides. The essential function that art education plays in fostering a thriving community of creative minds is at the core of this transcendent power. As a symbol of the transforming power of art education, the Global …